SharePoint is an amazing productivity and collaboration portal platform that, when properly planned, designed and configured, can be a powerful enabler for team sharing, collaboration, communications and overall business productivity.  At the same time, without the proper plan in place, it is not hard to deploy an environment lacking an effective layout and site structure design, with limited search capabilities and compromised security.  SharePoint site environments can sometimes resemble caves more than well planned modern cities:
[img src=”/wp-content/uploads/sites/1476/2016/11/511248611-1.png” class=”aligncenter”]
One of SharePoint’s major strengths being its ease of use, it is sometimes also its biggest weakness as many organizations jump right into the deployment stage without a plan in hand and begin storing files, creating subsites and sharing company content with others, internally and externally.  After a while, search may stop working effectively, navigation may become confusing and confidential information may be exposed to the wrong people.
To be fair it is not hard to plan and deploy an effective SharePoint environment that is easy to navigate, use, secure and manage.  There is an almost unlimited amount of guides and training material online available to help you learn best practices and how to design and deploy good SharePoint environments.
While there is plenty of DIY resources out there, some organizations prefer the guidance of expert consultants with a solution focus and experience to get the job right the very first time.
Team Venti’s SharePoint QuickStart Program offers a fast and effective way to deploy your SharePoint environment with cost and schedule predictability. Through our QuickStart Program, organizations can quickly deploy a core SharePoint environment ready for meaningful use and with sound architecture ready for future scalability of features, users and services.  This program includes everything you need to get up and running, and can be completed in under 10 days.
An effectively designed SharePoint environment can enable very powerful business productivity scenarios including:

  • Intranet/Extranet capabilities
  • Document storage and collaboration
  • Company calendar
  • Company databases and list
  • Project management
  • Reports dashboard
  • Electronic workflows
  • 3rd party application integration and more

So, if you are planning to launch or re-launch a SharePoint environment take the time and do your homework.  With the proper plan in hand you too can deploy a world-class SharePoint environment.
If you have questions about Team Venti’s SharePoint QuickStart contact us today at or by calling 512-380-1888.