Multichannel contact center for Skype for Business
Is Anywhere365 the best contact center platform for Skype for Business?
This article is for organizations evaluating call center solutions for Skype for Business UC.
Warning: This article is 100% biased.

One of the most popular and exciting parts of our business is our unified communications (“UC”) practice.  Since 2011 we have been offering a premium hosted Skype for Business (formerly known as “Lync”) for Microsoft Office 365 clients.  Back then, the very few options available for hosted Microsoft UC suffered from limitations like unsupported features (domain federation and mobile app support among others) or suffered from voice quality shortcomings.  Since we launched our BlueSky UC branded hosted services we immediately presented the market with an affordable way to deploy Skype for Business/Lync, featuring crystal-clear calls, 99.99% up time and full integration with Office 365.
Not too long after we launched our BlueSky UC service clients began asking about call center solutions.  We were encouraged by the selection of platforms available in the market though again, across all the platforms available we found solutions that in our opinion were compromised for our hosted UC clients.  Some of these compromises included:

  • Almost every call center platform supports multiple ‘PBX’ or UC vendors.  This means that the design and use is very different from the typical Microsoft applications
  • Additional PC applications required to be installed and maintained
  • Complicated pricing structures and options
  • Requirement for deployment of local devices or servers
  • Long deployment schedules (weeks) and training requirements (one week average)
  • One more platform that needs to be integrated and introduced to employees
  • …and many more!

Enter Anywhere365
When we first saw Anywhere365 we had the same reaction our clients have during our first demo: “I can’t believe it is this easy“.
Anywhere365 is a beautifully designed enterprise-class multi-channel contact center solution designed from the ground up for Lync/Skype for Business.  The power of Anywhere365 is that it runs inside the Skype for Business experience.  There is no software to purchase*, deploy or maintain.
We simply fell in love with Anywhere365 because it allowed us to directly address and overcome the shortcomings found in every other solution we evaluated:


Other Platforms

  • Almost every call center platform supports multiple ‘PBX’ or UC vendors. This means that the design and use is very different from the typical Microsoft applications.
  • Additional PC applications required to be installed and maintained.
  • Complicated pricing structures and options.
  • Requirement for deployment of local appliances or servers.
  • Long deployment schedules (weeks) and administrator and user training requirements (one week average).
  • One more platform that needs to be integrated and introduced to employees.



  • Anywhere365 was specifically designed for Skype for Business/Lync. It leverages the SfB interface and its back office runs on SQL Server.
  • No additional software needed. It runs inside Skype for Business.
  • We offer two plans: Standard and Enterprise and less than half a dozen available add-ons.
  • We are 100% cloud based without the burden of legacy or compromised code. No additional local servers or appliances needed.
  • Our service provisioning takes just a few hours and our admin training can be done in less than ½ day.
  • Deploying Anywhere365 to Skype for Business clients is more akin to ‘turning it on’ than to actually ‘deploying it’.


Anywhere365 is a next generation contact center solution that allows your clients to contact your organization via their preferred channels:

  • Telephone
  • Web chat
  • SMS
  • Skype (consumer)
  • Email

Inbound communications are processed via business rules to decide how to best route each to the best resource.
contact center for skype for business
Anywhere365 features screen pop of contacts and applications via Skype for Business, including two way integration with Dynamics CRM, and other applications including your own custom line of business apps.
call pop for dynamics crm
Anywhere365 includes wallboard functionality to monitor all active dialogues and queues in real time.  This is one of several views available:
Skype for Business Call Center
Every single activity is tracked and recorded for reporting and analysis by the management team.  With Anywhere365 you get direct access to a powerful, yet easy to use Reports Portal based on SQL Server Reporting Services:
Skype for Business Analytics
These examples and the daily feedback of our clients confirm our conclusion that Anywhere 365 is the best contact center solution for Skype for Business.  If your organization is already on Office 365 or even if you host your own environment on premises, we can help you design and quickly deploy this enterprise-class multi channel solution at a fraction of the time and cost of legacy platforms.
Contact us to schedule a private demo or for more information.
*Anywhere365 is sold as a cloud service and also available for traditional purchase for on-premises or privately hosted environments.