Security is and always will be one of top concerns for businesses when they are considering cloud services.
The question is often asked, “Is the cloud secure?” For Office 365, and other cloud services, there is not a simple yes or no answer. Cloud services have a “shared responsibility” approach to security.
Microsoft can secure the Office 365 datacenters, and protect your data in transit and at rest. But a lot of the responsibility for security falls on you, the customer.

Security is not a single button you can press to enable it. Instead, security for your Office 365 services is the combination of dozens of technical controls, processes, and reviews that you as the customer need to implement.
91% of targeted attacks start with email, Sophisticated social engineering makes email the most reliable way to reach nearly every person in every organization around the world.To improve security in Office 365, Microsoft has released a new security analytics service called Secure Score.
Secure Score is a security analytics tool that figures out what Office 365 services you are using, then looks at your configuration and behaviors and compares it to a baseline asserted by Microsoft that will help you understand what you have done to reduce the risk to your data in Office 365 but more importantly will show you a different way of managing your risk, and lets you track and plan incremental improvements of what you can do to further reduce that risk in the long run.
Microsoft provides a good disclaimer “The Secure Score does not express an absolute measure of how likely you are to get breached. It expresses the extent to which you have adopted controls which can offset the risk of being breached. No service can guarantee that you will not be breached, and the Secure Score should not be interpreted as a guarantee in any way” However it is important to understand that every action you take will mitigate a real world threat.
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Omar Rodriguez – Senior Technical Lead