There was a time when Office was just that, Office.  A tool you used to write a letter and send emails and to secure this you needed Antivirus, and the worst thing a virus did was replicate and remove and rename files.
Today the landscape is a little different and office is so much more but there are still two main places where a user can pick up a virus.

  • Email
  • Web Browsers

costTypically the trend is Ransomeware!  This is where the attacker encrypts your system holds on to the key and asks for money so you can get your data back.  Often this is easier than all the work needed to recover from backups if you have them!
Over the last year or so Microsoft has been adding more and more features to Office 365 to help organizations combat this moving trend making Office 365 now more secure than on premise installations, Some of it is free but most are low cost add-ons to your current plans.I am not saying you don’t need Antivirus but i think you will agree with the new options in Office 365 they are definitely making it more difficult to get breached.
Take a look below to see what is on the horizon with Office 365
Ben Peterman
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