Most of our blog posts are about changes and features in Office 365 that when applied will help organizations of any size breeze through their day. But this one is a little different as this relates to Office 365 but is more about your users and training.
Team Venti partners with many organizations to make sure we can give you the best services and experiences without you needing to hunt around to find it.
Today I want to talk about TRAINING!
We should all try to learn something new; people do this in many ways, I listen to podcasts on a morning while getting ready for work on my different subjects from science, marketing, and productivity. I also use search engines and YouTube with the phrase of “how do I” that only helps me with the issue at hand and if I am lucky I won’t have to type the same phrase next week.
How to’s help in the now, but we need more structure, and for this, we can go on training courses. Some of these courses can cost $1000’s and take those productive employees out of the organization for a day or week with the hopes they took good notes and retained that information. The issue is that not everyone works the same so what do we do?
Team Venti has partnered with Clip Training to offer an alternative to the expensive in-person courses. This is fully online and for a low cost you will have access to a rich training platform for a year.
The training platform covers everything from Office 2016 to features and functionality of Office 365 written by Microsoft MVP’s.

The courses cover everything from the basics to power users.

The best part is the Administrators Dashboard where you can assign courses to your employees and track progress:

You can add this amazing training platform to your organization for as just $3 per month! Please reach out to use for more information.
Written by Ben Peterman Team Venti Practice Lead. Septemeber 2017