This article was originally posted to the Microsoft 365 Blog.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel—now generally available—empowers security operations (SecOps) teams to enhance their security posture. Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native security information and event manager (SIEM) platform, provides intelligent security analytics that automatically scales to meet your organizational needs.

Traditional on-premises SIEMs require a combination of infrastructure costs and software costs, all paired with annual commitments or inflexible contracts. Azure Sentinel eliminates these pain points by offering a cost-effective, cloud-native SIEM with predictable billing and flexible commitments. Infrastructure costs are reduced since you only pay for what you use—allowing you to automatically scale resources as needed. In addition, bringing in data from Office 365 audit logs, Azure activity logs, and alerts from Microsoft Threat Protection solutions doesn’t require any additional payments.

Azure Sentinel helps SecOps teams address the modern challenges of security analytics. For details, read Azure Sentinel—the cloud-native SIEM that empowers defenders is now generally available and get started today with Azure Sentinel!