How can we help you right now?

As a company that started business right before the great recession of 2009, we are very familiar with operating in an environment of high uncertainty and non-stop challenges.

As we look at our world today, including the threats to global health and business, we can’t help but ask ourselves how to proactively assist our clients be as ready as they can to successfully navigate the months ahead.

We have an abundance of interest in our clients, including their employees and customers.  While we do not pretend to have all the answers, we do have questions, questions that we are asking our clients today, in a sincere attempt to assist in whatever way possible within our means.

We recently reached out to our clients and asked questions like:

  • How can we help you?
  • How can we help you save on your current spend with Team Venti/Venti Exchange/Microsoft?
  • How can we reduce your overall IT spend without compromising your business priorities for the year?
  • Do you need assistance enabling your remote workers quickly and securely?
  • How can we help you help your employees and customers?


This is not a marketing message but one from our leadership team to yours.  We have the perspective of over a decade in business, including managing through the last economic recession.  We also get to learn from our clients and their challenges and solutions across a myriad of industries and locations.

We are here for you.  How can we help?