Now, more than ever, we’ve found ourselves in the need to rearrange our lives in an unprecedented context. Technology has been there to have our backs. Security practices, as a prevention dynamic, can help you, and your organization reduce the vulnerability frame that is a constant challenge, when there’s a frequent usage of electronic resources.

The sensitivity of the data you store in your devices, in a personal or professional use, should never be undermined.

Jon Orton, Product Marketing for Outlook and Exchange Director at Microsoft, recently shared a simpler way to secure Windows 10 computers, using the Microsoft 365 Premium experience.

It is very easy to protect your organization’s devices. To support you on achieving this, a new setup experience has been added to the Microsoft 365 Premium admin center. It allows you to lay the security foundations for all of the Windows 10 PCs in your organization.

Follow the steps in this tutorial and keep it safe and simple.


Microsoft Security Settings Microsoft 365


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