The most convenient perspective to view cibersecurity risks, is the one it has towards an organization or business. There is a lot of information on the risks that may come within cybersecurity, but there’s no way to completely eradicate these risks until they’ve actually happened. You can Identify and Protect, but still come short.

These risks and its management come along hand in hand with public relations. An important element in these scenarios is to assume and accept the worst consequences to it, while presenting all the different upcoming possibilities and solution alternatives.

Mark Simos (Lead Cybersecurity Architect, Cybersecurity Solutions Group), in collaboration with Sarah Armstrong-Smith (Chief Security Advisor), provides us with these blog series (edition 1), that will cover in all its editions, different ways to appropriately address some of the challenges coming with cybersecurity risk management.

In this first edition, we will address a resilient approach towards risk resolution. Opportunity and risk are driven by the most remarkable trends that organizations face:

  1. Digital revolution: It has brought an adaption to several companies, bringing disruptive ideas and business models to their industries. An example of this is Airbnb. A company that used digital revolution to structure a high functioning business, and change the tourism and hospitality industry.
  2. Cybersecurity: Organizations face a relentless challenge from organized crime, rogue states, and freelance threats to income and credibility. Many of whom have their sights on the technology, and resources of your company, which is compounded by an emerging range of insider threats.

The best way to handle and recognize risk is not limiting the digital transition. This will help the company achieve a strategic advantage over their rivals in the industry.

Important considerations to keep in mind when understanding and addressing cybersecurity:


Remember to stay pragmatic. In a globalized world we need to reduce the impact of these events towards our business. While creating a resilient cybersecurity addressing strategy, you should keep threats in perspective, build trust and relationships to work through a same vision and shared goals, take advantage of digital transformation initiatives, while modernizing security to protect business operations wherever they are.

To learn more about effective solutions to cybersecurity risks, contact us, we’re happy to help.