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Exchange Server automatic mitigation for on-premises

Even though we have the online option for Exchange Server, some companies still consider having on-premises servers to be a better choice for them.  

Nevertheless, cybercriminals have some of the latest versions (2013, 2016 and 2019) of on-prem Exchange Server on sight. As a result, Microsoft is actively working alongside their partners, to improve security and response to threats.  

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Updates, step-by-step guidance and mitigation tools, are some of the solutions Microsoft has released to help with this issue. But recently, they present their latest automated update to optimize cybersecurity 

Automatic mitigation with Microsoft Defender Antivirus 

This latest update will automatically diminish CVE-2021-26855, on any Exchange Server that has it installed. Once it is deployed, it is capable of recognizing vulnerability, and automatically take action to protect the server. 

In other words, users won’t have to take any further action, outside of ensuring you have the latest security update installedor automatic updates activated. 

However, Exchange security updates are the most efficient way to protect servers from cyber-attacksMicrosoft designed this update as an additional way to protect on-prem Exchange Servers; to ensure you are secure, even between the times in which Exchange security updates are released and installed.  

In an article published by the Microsoft 365 Defender Team, they answered a set of frequently asked questions, regarding this new feature. If you want to read more about it, click here. 

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