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What’s Microsoft Intune?

Security has always been crucial for a company’s good functionality. Since the arriving of the digital era, even before we suddenly switched to remote work, taking care of your organization’s data and overall information became more complex. 

Due to all the technological advances that have taken place, the number of devices involved in a company has significantly increased. Now, PC’s and laptops are not the only devices used to work, but mobile phones and tablets too. 

Microsoft Intune keeps your corporate data safe, by controlling how people access and share information. This service does not only manage devices such as the mentioned above, but you can also control applications. 

‘’Intune is a cloud-based service that focuses on mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM)’’ -Microsoft Docs, 2020 

This service allows people from the inside to securely use personal devices for work and divides personal and organizational data. It can also prevent emails from being sent to recipients outside your organization. 

Intune integrates with Azure Directory and Azure Information Protection, access control and data protection.


Microsoft Intune features and benefits infographic by Team Venti



  • Data encryption enforcement 
  • Remote data wiping 
  • Device tracking 
  • Apps distribution 
  • Password enforcement 
  • Device inventory  


What you can do:

  • Set rules and configure settings on personal and organization-owned devices to access data and networks. 
  • Deploy and authenticate apps on devices — on-premises and mobile. 
  • Protect your company information by controlling the way users access and share information. 
  • Be sure devices and apps are compliant with your security requirements. 


Enable people from your organization to be productive on any device, without compromising your organizational data. If you want to start managing devices and applications or simply want to know more about what Intune and Team Venti can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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