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Teams Rooms: New features for the hybrid work era

At the beginning of 2020 we had to abruptly adopt remote work. As some companies were ready for this change, some others faced multiple challenges through their transition. However, Microsoft and their partners made sure companies could rely on their updates and advances. 

It’s been a little over a year since COVID-19 changed the way we live, work, and collaborate, and people are more than ready to start reuniting in person again.  

Nevertheless, some of the changes the pandemic brought to our lives are here to stay. Maybe not every organization is ready to go 100% remote, but what we’re sure about is that, from now on, hybrid work will remain part of our reality. 

‘’Work is evolving rapidly, and there’s just no going back to our pre-pandemic world. As vaccines begin to roll out globally, business leaders everywhere need a plan for the new operating model—extreme flexibility.’’ – Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice-president of Microsoft 365, 2021. 

Looking ahead and understanding that technology plays an important role in the functionality of the new work era, Microsoft unveiled new experiences in Microsoft Teams Rooms.  

Front row 

Seeking participation on equal footing regardless of where you’re attending a meeting, Microsoft integrated a new content layout ’Front row’. 

To give both in-room and remote participants a greater sense of connection and collaboration, this new layout places the video gallery at the bottom of the screen.  

New video layouts 

Teams Rooms will distribute the video gallery across all available devices, when there’s no content being shared. This way, the shared video of the remote participants will be more visible and get more attention from those in-room. 

Popular features from personal Teams 

Popular features from the personal Teams meetings such as pin/spotlight multiple video streams, live reactions, and chat bubbles will be available for Teams Rooms. This way, remote participants will be able to promote their presence in the room by engaging without the need of always speaking up. 

Intelligent speakers and other devices 

Even though individual video and profile information make it easy to identify who said what, faces and voices might get lost in the crowd when in a meeting. Meeting transcripts can help with this, but traditional speakers can’t differentiate between speakers. 

EPOS and Yealink intelligent speakers, specifically designed for Teams Rooms and Microsoft’s voice recognition technology in Teams, are now available. After a quick voice enrollment, these speakers will automatically recognize which speaker is coming from. 

Microsoft and OEM are also working on other devices, in order to enhance the view of rooms. From Neat, Jabra, Logitech, and Poly, these devices are designed to help remote workers feel heard and seen. 

If you want to know more details about these devices, click here. 

As social beings we need to connect and collaborate. These new features will ensure everyone can participate, be seen and heard from anywhere, so your teams can prosper in the hybrid work era. 

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