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Anywhere365 Contact Center

In a world that’s constantly changing, staying updated and continuously growing is crucial. If we look back, the way we work today is definitely not the same as it was a decade or even a year ago. We’ve been optimizing processes and adopting tools to streamline our workflow. 

From security to collaboration tools, technology has brought many useful solutions to keep pace of the ever-changing world. Today we want to talk about a business communications solution: The Anywhere365 Contact Center. 

Anywhere365 is a cloud-hosted multi-channel contact center. This platform can be deployed in your Microsoft Teams environment, without the need of deploying any additional software. 

Features and benefits: 

  • Increase workstream productivity 

You can receive and initiate calls, chats, SMS, video and emails from the Microsoft Teams client. 

  • Improve customer experience 

Efficiently satisfy your customers’ needs by creating contact routing rules to connect incoming communications with the right persona the first time they reach out, with the least amount of wait time. 

  • Work from Anywhere 

Anywhere365 and Microsoft Teams allows you to have a remote workforce. Contact center agents and knowledge workers can work at home with this solution. 

  • Gain visibility and insights 

Receive powerful and actionable business intelligence capabilities through its advanced report portal 

Anywhere365 is more than a business communications tool, it is a platform that allows your agents to collaborate and have access to CRM tools they need in one single hub: Microsoft Teams. 

If you want to deploy or modernize your contact center, book a meeting today. 


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