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Why organizations need external IT support

On any given day there are three broad reasons why an organization looks out for an IT partner: those without in-house IT, those wanting to migrate or expand, and those most concerned with cybersecurity. 

Some companies, especially SMB, might not even have a fully formed IT department, and it is often assumed that external IT help is only needed for big enterprises.

Most companies that do have IT departments have certain areas of expertise over others (for instance companies that have on-premises expertise should look for a partner when deciding to migrate to the cloud). 

What to look for in IT support 


Does your IT partner have a track record of varied engagement, verticals, and industries?  


Does your IT partner offer flexibility, no contract option? Or on the other hand, does the project at hand have cost reduction benefits, such as consumption reduction? 


Does your IT partner have a response SLA for different types of issues, can you count with them to be available connect and solve the problems you’re dealing with? 

What Team Venti offers 

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we offer 24/7 critical admin support with different response SLAs depending on how critical the matter at hand is.  

Furthermore, our support portal allows our clients to monitor their projects, create new ticket, review the status of active tickets, access our knowledge base, and more.  

Check out what our clients are saying about our services.


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