Device management with Microsoft Intune

The modern workplace has allowed us to bring our own devices to work, which is why, there are more devices to manage than ever before. Although this is very practical and efficient, modern solutions bring up modern challenges. Organizations must ensure that their data is well secured, and put device management as a priority.  

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based paltform that helps organizations manage and keep track of all those devices that have access to corporate data. 

Taking into consideration the number of devices that are part of this new data-driven work environment, it is of high importance to discuss the benefits of this cloud-based tool. 

Better device management 

Intune allows organizations to have full control over company-owned devices. This platorm also has options for BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) cases, respecting the employees’ privacy and keeping organizational data secure. Users can enroll their devices or use app protection policies, verifying admins can configure all devices and ensure they are fully compliant. 

Secure app management 

Mobile application management, for both company and personal devices, is also possible with Microsoft Intune. With this functionality, admins retain control over apps across devices, configure app settings, wipe organizational data from apps, and more. 

App protecion policies 

App protection policies have numerous features that offer an extra layer of protection. A few examples of this is isolating organizational data from personal data and securing access on personal devices.

Enables cloud migration 

The cloud architecture of this tool is scalable and constantly updated. Although Intune does not force organizations to migrate to the cloud, it does boost the process if needed. 

Flexible licensing structure 

Stop worrying about additional costs or per-user licensing. You can acquire Microsoft Intune in a cost-effective way, with Venti Exchange through the CSP program. 

Protect your organizational data, optimize app use, and user permissions across devices with Microsoft Intune. Allow our team of certified experts to guide you on your next project, contact us.