Governments using Microsoft technology

Microsoft Transformation Imperative: Government

Change is inevitable, even if we’re not ready for it. Progress is a force that pulls us towards the future in order to transform into our best selves. However, this does not only apply to individuals, it involves institutions, organizations, and the general public.

Moreover, an imperative statement is presented by governments, in particular, prioritizing transformation by using Microsoft technologies, in order to enable public safety and high efficiency. 

This is an important challenge that requires a high level of digitalization through cloud computing. This transformation can improve processes in the field of problem solving, day to day operations in government/public-sector organizations, proven by a survey of 800 executives conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit in 2021.

How is this Microsoft Transformation Helping Organizations?

By increasing their investment in digital technology during the pandemic, many organizations — especially the ones in public health management, nonprofits, schools, retail, and manufacturing — adapted their infrastructure to meet new objectives. By using Microsoft Teams, they ensured collaboration within different areas. Microsoft 365 became a common denominator in most of the different organizations, providing a fast and reliable solution to their particular and unique needs. 

Remote first, a modality that many offices adopted during the pandemic, emphasized the huge role of the digital world in maintaining collaboration and safeguarding their collaborators during these pandemic years.

Microsoft Azure and its different tools drove many governments to a never-seen digital transformation, allowing them to implement AI (Artificial Intelligence), have secure processes through Azure Sentinel, and work in the cloud with Azure.

Governments transforming their infrastructure by using Microsoft technology in 2021


This year, we have one thing clear: to transform digitally is to ensure our organizations and cities’ well-being in the upcoming era.

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