Endpoint Manager helps a fast migration to the cloud

Build a resilient business with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

As we know, in the last two years, we have experienced a shift of systems in most organizations. Working in the Cloud became a must due to remote work, and its benefits were reflected in various aspects. Microsoft Endpoint Manager came as a unified Swiss knife, uniting both Intune and Configuration Manager to ensure a smooth migration to the Microsoft Cloud

Helping organizations reduce time, costs and efforts, Endpoint Manager protects and administrates your migration processes (including users, apps and devices) at whichever stage you’re at. As a recognized leader in The Forrester Wave in 2021, it simplifies and automizes any configuration points and software updates for all of your endpoints. 

Benefits of using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

  • Cloud migration at its full potential, with no interruptions of your operations and seamless transition.
  • The best of both worlds, Configuration Manager and Intune consoles co-managing workloads
  • Your organization may also enjoy the full benefits of the Microsoft 365 cloud
  • A friendly BYOD (Bring your own device) environment, allowing minimal infrastructure and reducing costs
  • Organizational resources secured by Zero Trust security controls and powered by Azure Active Directory.
  • Data protection without device enrollment needed through mobile app management (MAM)

Dare to create the most productive remote work experience in any app or device for your organization using Endpoint Manager. Let our team of Microsoft experts guide you through your Cloud journey.