Device enrollment in Microsoft Intune to securely share company files

Did you know that the sources that are most at risk of suffering cyber-attacks are the work from home employee devices, followed by endpoint devices and data stores such as network drives? But the real question is, what is the IT department doing to protect company files so their employees can feel secure sharing them? 

The Fact 

In 2021, the company resources facing the highest risk from cyber-attacks were work from home employee devices, such as computers and phones, according to SailPoint.  

The pandemic situation caused most employees to permanent or temporary shift towards remote or hybrid work and with this, an increase in digital collaboration. 

Employees had to share files between devices, download collaboration apps, and save company files in their personal phones. With this in mind, IT admins should deploy methods to ensure the security of the company on mobile devices. 

The Methods 

In the list below you will find some of the best practices to protect organizational information: 

  • Use of strong authentication tools 
  • Antivirus installed and updated on the end device 
  • Backup device content 
  • Force the use of screen lock 
  • Mobile internet traffic protection 
  • Protect applications 
  • Establish company policy for device’s password 

The practices mentioned above can be configured and deployed as policies to devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager. This helps deliver the modern workplace and modern management to keep your data secure in the cloud. 

The Enrollment 

Enrollment secures the device so that it aligns with your company policies. Microsoft Intune deploys and enforces policies using a management profile, which is installed on the device during enrollment. The platforms supported by MEM are Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows devices.  

Some enrollment methods require you to initiate it, so check this video to see how simple and quick you can achieve this. 

If your organization needs help with device enrollment, or planning, deploying or maintaining its Microsoft Intune/Endpoint Manager environment, you can rely on Team Venti’s Microsoft Intune consulting and support services. 

Gianelli Gonzalez is a Computer Science Engineer. She worked at Team Venti for 4 years, designing and implementing projects based on Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Her main responsibilities consisted in providing support of Microsoft 365, Windows, and EMS services to our customers.

She is now studying her master’s degree in Digital Marketing in France, but her passion for what she does led her to create two insightful blogs about Enterprise Mobility and Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Gianelli will be collaborating with us for a series of articles in our blog talking from her expertise in this field.

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