Azure Tenant to Tenant Migration: Streamlining Environment for Cost Reduction & Enhanced Efficiency

Industry: Real State

Service: Microsoft Cloud Migration



RealFoundations objective was to leverage the specialized assistance and support for their Azure subscriptions. Aside from knowing already that Azure could help their organization gain flexibility and scalability, enhanced security, backup and recovery, as well as optimize costs, they required a specialized approach for their unique environment, licensing, and support needs.

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RealFoundations is a professional services firm focused on helping companies that develop, build, own, operate, occupy or invest in real estate to make smarter, more profitable decisions through different modern digital workspace tools.

In the past, Team Venti has partnered with RealFoundations as their Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), thus providing RealFoundations its Microsoft 365 licensing and support. RealFoundations enjoyed their experience working with Team Venti for their Microsoft 365 needs, so it only seemed natural to transition its Azure relationship with Microsoft to Team Venti on account of the direct, specialized assistance and support RealFoundations has been accustomed to receiving.


After conducting an Azure Cloud Assessment of RealFoundations environment, Team Venti obtained valuable, actionable, real-time insights into the customer tenant. This enabled Team Venti and RealFoundations to plan and select the optimal migration strategy, leading to an improved, optimized environment, reduced expenses and increased administrative efficiencies.

After analyzing the outcomes of the Azure Cloud Assessment, and realizing the advantages that would be realized from the transition from Microsoft to Team Venti, it became evident and reinforced the decision to proceed with migrating from PAYGO to CSP.

Project timeline

Azure Tenant to Tenant Migration timeline
Azure migration business case infographic timeline


At the conclusion of this Azure Tenant to Tenant migration, RealFoundations could enjoy a cost reduction on their Azure spending and leveraging discounting on their Azure subscription.

They could also manage their virtual machines and resources via Resource Groups, thus providing better visibility into cost analysis, consumption, performance utilization, as well as enjoy a simplified billing structure.

“Team Venti built a relationship with us and through several projects I got to understand the value and saw the quality of their work”
Nate Fyie Testimonial
Nate Fyie
Global Head of Modern Workplace Services
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