Record inbound or outbound company calls for regulatory, compliance or quality management purposes

Call recording services on a laptop that shows an image of the calling environment​

Our call recording services provide:

Protection in your business


​Helps ensure quality and offers general liability protection

Find the perfect resolution


​In case of a dispute, call recording offer clarity and support resolutions

Training and optimize your business


​Relistening to recording is a great tool for employee evaluation, training, and quality management

Have the perfect analytics


​Track, record calls, hours, response times
for user insight

Professional services in Team Venti


​Call recording helps meet regulation and improve brand trust

Compliance for every step


​Remain compliant with regulations or internal policies by recording and monitoring regulated interactions

Management, regulatory, and compliance benefits

We enable businesses who use Microsoft Teams to record their inbound and outbound calls through our cloud-based service. Whether it is for regulatory, compliance, quality management, or to document a conversation, our recording services fit your needs.

The benefits of these services can apply to businesses across a variety of sectors, such as financial, legal, healthcare, government, and more.

Cloud-based company call recoding

Our call recording service completes your Microsoft Teams voice deployment.

Choose between company-wide, department or individual recording modes.

For more detailed descriptions about deliverables and project scope, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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