Call recording services

Call recording services

Call recording

Through our cloud-based service we enable businesses who use Microsoft Unified Communications to record their inbound and outbound calls, whether it’s for regulatory compliance, quality management or to document a conversation.

The benefits of SfB Recording can apply to businesses across a variety of sectors.

Examples include:

  • General Liability protection
  • Dispute resolution
  • Employee evaluation, training and quality management
  • Record verbal agreements To set up temporary call centres

Financial Services

  • Meets regulatory requirements including FCA and Dodd Frank
  • Helps prevent employee wrongdoing
  • Helps improve brand trust
Call recording services


  • Track billable hours for legal professionals
  • Client recording during discovery process


  • Track response times
  • Monitor vital telephone based patient interactions and decisions that affect patient care
  • Help ensure patient privacy

Complete your Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business voice deployment with Team Venti company call recording.

Chose between company-wide, department or individual recording modes.

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