Record inbound or outbound company calls for regulatory, compliance or quality management purposes

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Call recording services on a laptop that shows an image of the calling environment​

Cloud-based company call recoding

Our call recording service completes your Microsoft Teams voice deployment.

Choose between company-wide, department or individual recording modes.

Call Recording Services for Microsoft Team with Team Venti

Our call recording services provide:

  • General liability protection

  • Dispute resolution

  • Employee evaluation, training and quality management

  • Track, record calls, hours, response times

  • Meet regulations, improve brand trust

Management, regulatory and compliance benefits

We enable businesses who use Microsoft Teams to record their inbound and outbound calls through our cloud-based service. Whether it is for regulatory, compliance, quality management, or to document a conversation, our recording services fit your needs.

The benefits of these services can apply to businesses across a variety of sectors, such as financial, legal, healthcare, government, and more. For more detailed descriptions about deliverables and project scope, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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