Microsoft Cloud Security

Cloud security is the protection of data, applications, and infrastructures involved in cloud computing.

Microsoft offers an intelligent, enterprise-grade cloud platform that helps businesses become more agile, productive, and competitive.

We help you keep it all safe.

  • Leverage the built-in security and resources in Microsoft cloud services to harden and protect data and access out of the box
  • Safeguard company data across devices with always-on security
  • Manage industry, government and company compliance

Team Venti offers project based and packaged services to help you safeguard your company IT assets without compromising end-user productivity.

Security define and design
Work with your team to define an actionable roadmap to enable built-in and added security to protect your information assets on both sides of the firewall.

Identity and access management
Go beyond passwords and protect against identity compromise, while automatically identifying potential breaches before they cause damage.

Cloud and on-premises security
Identify and understand your sensitive data, customize your information protection policies, see how users access and share sensitive information and accelerate your path to compliance.

Device security and management
Manage company and BYOD devices to encrypt data and ensure compliance, automatically detect suspicious activities, and quickly block, quarantine, or wipe compromised devices.

Information protection
Use cloud applications without putting company information at risk by adding protection, ranging from access privileges to data encryption.

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Keep IT all safe

From project engagements to packaged services, Team Venti offers many ways to help your organization stay in control and avoid surprises.

Reduce your risk of damage by  identifying suspicious user or device activity and detect advanced attacks in near real time.

Ask us about our Microsoft security hardening services and how you can leverage the security and compliance features already built on your Microsoft services as well as how to leverage dedicated security offerings to cover your cloud and on-premises information assets.

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