CTVS Texas Exchange 2016 to Exchange 2019 Migration

Industry: Healthcare

Service: Microsoft Exchange Migration/Upgrade


Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons (CTVS) Texas are specialists in surgery of the heart, lungs, chest, esophagus and major blood vessels of the body. They are based in Austin, Texas, and have more than 60 years of experience. 

Jimmy Nguyen, the sole IT administrator at CTVS Texas, approached Team Venti looking for help with migrating their on-premises Exchange 2016 environment to Exchange 2019. This migration involves moving over 140 mailboxes (including 135 user mailboxes, 35 shared mailboxes, and 3 public folders). Keeping security in mind, we also configured an Edge Transport Server to provide additional layers of message protection and security. We wrapped this engagement up with the decommissioning of Exchange Server 2016. 
Jimmy lacks the bandwidth to manage this complex project while handling his day-to-day IT responsibilities critical for CTVS Texas’s operations. 

This situation creates several challenges:

  • Potential downtime or data loss: Migrating such a large volume of mailboxes requires careful planning and execution. Without proper resources, the risk of encountering downtime or data loss during migration increases.
  • Delayed project timeline: Jimmy’s solo effort will likely extend the migration timeline, impacting CTVS Texas’s ability to leverage the benefits of Exchange 2019.
  • Increased IT burden: Jimmy’s divided focus between migration and daily tasks can lead to inefficiencies and potential neglect of other IT priorities.

‘’Initially I contacted Team Venti and Andy Sanchez reached out to schedule a call with me to discuss our goals, the requirements, and lay out a plan. He explained step by step for us to understand what needed to be done on their and our end.’’ –  Jimmy Nguyen, IT administrator at CTVS Texas (2024). 

Team Venti’s solution proposition

Our team proposes a comprehensive solution to address CTVS Texas Exchange migration challenges. Our services encompass: 

  • Migration planning and execution: We handle the entire migration process, from pre-migration planning and mailbox preparation to data transfer and post-migration support. This frees Jimmy to focus on his core IT responsibilities. 
  • Leveraging best practices and migration tools: Our team leverage proven migration methodologies and industry-standard tools to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to Exchange 2019. 
  • Minimized downtime and data loss: We prioritize minimizing disruption to CTVS Texas’s operations by implementing a well-defined migration strategy with minimal downtime. Our risk mitigation procedures safeguard data integrity throughout the process. 
  • Knowledge transfer/training (optional): We can provide Jimmy with knowledge transfer sessions on the new Exchange environment, empowering him to manage it effectively post-migration. 

Alternatives considered

  • Migration to Exchange Online: CTVS Texas explored migrating to Exchange Online, a cloud-based solution from Microsoft. While this option offered potential cost savings in the long run, they opted for an on-premises upgrade due to immediate budgetary constraints. 

Choosing to stay on-premises with Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

  • Cost savings (short-term): Upgrading to Exchange 2019 on-premises provided a more cost-effective solution for CTVS Texas in the immediate term, aligning with their current budget plan. 

Risk consideration and mitigation

Choosing the on-premises upgrade postpones the potential long-term cost savings and scalability benefits associated with Exchange Online. 

‘’The clinic is not headed into that direction yet, staying in Exchange 2019 will save us money for now, while we plan and get ready to move to the cloud’’ –  Jimmy Nguyen, IT administrator at CTVS Texas (2024). 

Considering the current needs for CTVS Texas, Team Venti can discuss a cloud migration roadmap outlining a future transition plan to leverage these benefits when their operations and budget allows it. 

Project timeline

  • Discovery call: Andy Sanchez conducted the initial call with Jimmy Nguyen to understand CTVS Texas’s needs and gather migration details. 
  • Technical consultation: Following the discovery call, George Fam, our senior Exchange engineer, scheduled a technical consultation with Jimmy to delve deeper into the technical aspects of the migration. This collaborative session ensured a smooth and efficient migration plan. 
‘’He (George) demonstrated outstanding communication skills and flexibility throughout the project. He was consistently available to address any of my concerns, and whenever I’d reach out to him, he’d provide clear and timely updates’’ –  Jimmy Nguyen, IT administrator at CTVS Texas (2024). 

Results: A successful partnership

By partnering with Team Venti, CTVS Texas successfully addressed their immediate need to upgrade their on-premises Exchange environment. Our team’s collaborative approach ensured a tailored solution that met their specific budget constraints and technical requirements. This successful migration not only delivers the enhanced security and functionality of Exchange 2019, but also positions CTVS Texas for a smooth transition to the cloud when their budgetary landscape evolves.
Furthermore, Team Venti’s commitment to clear communication and ongoing support throughout the project fostered a strong client relationship with Jimmy Nguyen, the sole IT administrator at CTVS Texas. This partnership empowered Jimmy to navigate the migration process with confidence, minimizing disruption to CTVS Texas’s daily operations.
“I’ve been in the consultant field before, when the customer reaches out to you, they really need you to assist them in a timely manner. Team Venti is highly responsive and never left me hanging throughout the entire project”

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