By the end of 2020, we’ve all experienced a year of radical changes in several aspects of life. Chaos has been constantly around us, and overcoming it feels like a bigger challenge every day.

Overall, survival mode is on. Many different industries and all levels of employment have seen themselves affected within the pandemic. From the biggest company to the small and medium-sized businesses, there hasn’t been someone exempt from these lifestyle, economic and social changes brought to us, courtesy of COVID-19.

Crisis can be devastating but they can also bring substantial positive changes and opportunities for those who look outside the box and are willing to take this rough patch and rise above it.

Here are four tips that will help your small and medium sized business during these times:

  1. Health and safety go first­ – We’ve heard this endlessly, but health must be the priority in life. Considering that if there’s no health, there’s nothing. Limit your travel and prioritize home office and communication. Collaboration tools can be your biggest ally.
  2. Finances – Financial risk and impacts are inevitable in global situations, and the best way to face them is through a plan. Many business owners have savings they can draw on. Securing a business line of credit can also be a safe alternative.
  3. The light at the end of the tunnel – As we mentioned earlier, these series of events are bringing a ton of opportunities. Reach out for immediate earnings, renegotiate contracts with suppliers and vendors. Be more efficient! It’s the moment to take advantage of technology and all that it has to offer.
  4. Listen to your customers – Find the new needs where you can contribute inside your market and make agreements with other small and medium-sized businesses.


Small and medium-sized businesses are the heartbeat of economies and cultures everywhere. As a minority owned company, we are committed to enabling our partners to stay afloat through this challenging moment.

Our managed services offer enterprise class solutions at fixed prices. We guarantee deliverables to take the hassle out of IT, while adding value as you make the most of your Microsoft enviroments and subscriptions. We’re here for you.