IT on a budget? Your organization should consider Managed IT Services

The economy is constantly moving through different ups and downs. During the last two chaotic years, we have experienced diverse economic positions, directly affecting SMBs (small and mid-sized business) and enterprises. Since April 2022, the world’s economy has darkened, “The world may soon be teetering on the edge of a global recession, only two years after the last one”, declared Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, the IMF Economic Counselor and Director of research. These events can possibly leave SMBs and enterprises facing inflation, downward risks, and with the big responsibility of making the right choices regarding money. One of the first aspects that decision makers cut in is IT costs, however, it does not have to represent weak IT, but an opportunity of acquiring Managed IT Services and eliminating other costs, without impacting your business. 

Optimize your IT costs and unlock cost savings with Managed Services

We might see cybersecurity as a non-critical expense, but on the contrary, especially at tough times, we should be protected from cyber threats. Having robust IT and cyber security support is essential during times when the economy is fluctuating. With cybercrime on the rise, your organization should be protected, even on a budget. By acquiring Managed Services from a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner, you are guaranteeing that your data, network, and weak spots are being taken care of at a fixed rate. In addition, you may enjoy insights from professionals and next generation technologies, ensuring your business’ continuity. 

Managed IT Services

Accelerate business growth with our packaged IT services that include UCaaS, Helpdesk Services, and more

Managed IT Services for Remote and Critical Assistance

Get ahead of downtime by letting top-notch professionals manage your IT assets. Team Venti’s professionals help organizations by monitoring, ensuring their PCs and devices functions, as well as lifecycle planning. As a result, companies improve their uptime, reliability, and security. 

IT Professionals at a fixed rate

Finding a cost-effective partner that will provide the right IT care for your organization may be tedious. Today, in-house IT talent is paid top dollar, increasing the budget of many companies. A practical and budget-friendly solution for times of recession is acquiring the services of a Managed IT Service provider. This way, you’re ensuring your organization’s IT health, while remaining on considerable expenses. 

How do I get Managed Services for my organization?

Team Venti offers agile, cloud-based Managed Services at a lower cost than traditional providers. This way, we ensure your organization’s best performance. With a premium customer portal, we take care of tickets, project management details, cloud billing, and 24/7 System monitoring & live support. Book a free consultation with one of our experts today and discover the many other benefits of working alongside Team Venti. 

Not sure if your organization needs a Managed Service Provider? Check out the signs that your organization may need one. 


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