Manage Windows updates in the cloud

Knowledge is key, which is why staying up to date in our field of interest is necessary. Nowadays, the world is moving constantly, and at more speed than before. The events of last year made the self-taught learning method a trend. New online courses on plenty of topics were coming up every day.

However, even if the pandemic was the reason for this trend, online learning is staying. It’s important that we know the efficient and reliable tools we must keep learning on our own. Here’s a look at what Microsoft has to offer in this field.

In 2018 Microsoft introduced a new way to grow our knowledge, Microsoft Learn. This platform was launched to help users have a better understanding of their products and services.  

With 80 hours of free content and the option to view it in 23 different languages, Microsoft Learn covers topics from Azure and Dynamics to Power Apps, and more. You can learn about Microsoft technologies through step-by-step tutorials, and interactive coding environments. 

What you’ll find in Microsoft Learn: 

  • A Browse page for finding and filtering content 
  • Content organized in Modules, and Modules organized in Learning Paths (related topics) 
  • A Learn Sandbox, with free, fixed-time access to a cloud subscription without the need of registering a credit card 
  • Interactive code editing, where you can learn by doing 
  • Knowledge checks and task validation
  • And last, but not least, a tech profile where your achievements and improvements will be shown to the community 


In April 2021, Microsoft released a new learning module in Microsoft Learn, to have a better understanding on how to best configure Windows updates and optimize your user experience.

Manage Windows updates in the cloud

Manage Windows updates in the cloud module screenshot

With just 41 minutes of content, you’ll get to know: 

  • The tools available to update Windows devices 
  • Managing quality, driver and feature updates for Windows devices 
  • How to create a positive update experience for your end users 

The Manage Windows updates in the cloud module, is an addition to all the free and informative content available in Microsoft Learn. This is a way to effectively learn about Microsoft products and services, at your own pace.

Being constantly learning has a significant impact, not only on an organizational level, but on your personal growth. If you want to know more about the new addition to the Microsoft Learn content, click here. 


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