Many organizations are “phishing” their employees, learn the reason behind 

Cybercrime is on the rise today. Only in the first 6 months of 2022, cyber-attacks increased 32%, making 1 out of 40 organizations world-wide vulnerable. Cybercriminals have developed sophisticated ways of accessing organization’s vulnerable information, taking advantage of the “human factor” in companies. As a result, many organizations have decided to take new IT security measures, including “phishing” their employees. 

Why should organizations start “phishing” their employees?

In definition, phishing is a cybercrime in which the victims are contacted by email, phone, or text by criminals posing as a legitimate institution luring them to give out sensitive data, such as credentials, banking information, or passwords.

In recent years, phishing has become very sophisticated, emulating how official institutions, organizations, or companies communicate online. Along with, the human element leaves a door open for believing these types of criminal approaches to your organization, since they may be able to manipulate your employees into disclosing sensitive company data. The most common way an employee can be exposed to phishing is via email, by clicking on a malicious link or attachment. 

As a new method among companies, many leaders have decided to start “phishing” their employees, with the main objective of strengthening their IT best practices. This program of security education (also known as security awareness training) consists of exposing employees to “safe phish”, for them to be able to identify malicious emails. With this, you can identify which employees need additional training regarding cybersecurity. 

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