Why cybercriminals aim to small and mid-sized businesses 

Of the many challenges organizations of all sizes face daily, cyber threats are one of the most common. Cybercriminals target mid-sized businesses as they perceive them as poorly secured. In a recent Verizon study, data showed that 71% of data breaches and leaks happen to small and mid-sized businesses. These attacks leave vulnerable organizations’ data, with the objective of stealing, exposing, altering, disabling, or destroying it. In this article we will understand what it is about mid-sized organizations that results in inviting cybercriminals.

Mid-sized organizations have sensitive data that cybercriminals want

Login credentials, credit card and banking information, payroll data, are just some of the many motivation’s cybercriminals have towards organizations. Even if you believe your mid-sized organization has nothing worthy to steal, you will have to consider that information is worth a lot. 

Organizations are not focused on having strong security

Growing organizations focus their budgets on other objectives rather than on cyber security. Being said, having a low security level and not developing strong security protocols leave your organization’s data exposed to threats. Even on a budget, there are many Microsoft tools you can use to ensure your organization’s safety. 

Under-trained employees make organizations vulnerable to cyber attacks

Having a strong IT team or a reliable Managed Services Provider (MSP) is essential to make sure your organization has the best security you can access to. In addition, counting with cyber security literacy training, (taught by a MSP) for your employees is essential to avoid human errors. 

Mid-sized organizations are easy targets that offer big returns

Sadly, cybercriminals see small and mid-sized businesses as an easy victim. Focused on accessing employees’ computers to launch ransomware attacks, cybercriminals know organization’s leaders will pay to get their data back.

Protect your organization’s data from cybercriminals

A National Cyber Security Alliance study found out that 60% of small and mid-sized organizations go out of business within 6 months of data breach. It is imperative that you protect your company due to the damaging nature of those attacks. Better safety protocols, security on premises and in the cloud, as well as counting with Managed Services professionals that will ensure your organization’s wellbeing, don’t have to represent a financial burden with the right partner. Book a meeting with one of our agents today to learn more on how to strengthen your cybersecurity.