Why is having two antivirus programs not a clever idea?

In a data-driven work environment, companies tend to run the extra mile when it comes to the security of their information. 

Nevertheless, there are certain myths or erroneous practices that might end up compromising your data. For instance, you might think that doubling up on antivirus software, your computer and data would be more protected. However, this isn’t true.  

Why is having two antiviruses running counterproductive? 

One won’t recognize the other as a safe program 

The goal of antivirus programs is to look for suspicious activity, including programs that might be monitoring your system. Since this is exactly what antivirus software does, they will recognize each other as a threat and file a problem that is not there. 

“Antivirus programs do not usually play well together, and running two at the same time will often lead to one singling out the other as a virus, or in some cases, even cause file corruption,” –LifeHacker, 2012

They will interfere with each other 

Antivirus programs detect suspicious files and isolate them to keep your system safe. If you are running two antivirus software, one would try to take the files from the other program and isolate them elsewhere. This eventually will turn into a vicious cycle, like both programs playing ball. 

It will consume your battery life 

Usually, antivirus programs do not use much battery power because they run in the background of your system. However, things change if you are running two programs at the same time. Related to the first two points in this article, having two software needlessly fighting each other will surely consume your battery life. 

If you really feel like you need more than one antivirus software, remember that security, more than the use of the right tools, is a combination of processes, controls, and policies. 

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