Cloud Technology: A Growth Leap for Midsize Businesses

Nowadays, growing businesses face a complex task: how to maintain meaningful engagement with your customers and meet their expectations, while adapting your data to global and digital changes? Cloud Technology can be a strong, reliable, and cost-effective solution to any midsize business.

According to a Trend Report done by Office 365, larger organizations are betting on a heavier use of cloud-based solutions. It is also predicted that with all the benefits that the cloud has to offer, midsize businesses will shift to this technology in the upcoming months.

How can cloud solutions optimize and help midsize businesses? 

As a cost reducing solution, it provides a trustworthy and fluid performance of software, communications, automatization, and storage. During this pandemic, work from home became the common denominator, and the urge of increasing efficiency and availability took in most midsize businesses to prevent supply chain disruption and protect their revenue.

Customers and the cloud

Among its many advantages Cloud Technology brings out a key point for many growing businesses: the automation via AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) for customers’ journey. Cloud tools can also offer the ability to develop insights, helping businesses develop customer-centered improvements. Azure Machine Learning technology manages data like no other Software as a Service (SaaS), offering a projected ROI of 189% to 335% according to Forrester Total Economic Impact 

Cloud Technology can also provide a fast responsive and customer friendly solution, such as multichannel contact centers, which help your collaborators attend to your customers’ needs in an effective and immediate way.

Cloud technology solutions midsize businesses should consider

1. Get full benefits from AI and ML

Dare to adapt by using one of the friendliest solutions for growing businesses, integrating a systematization of applications as one responsive network. 

2. Implement SaaS 

Whether it is using it for email, calendaring or Microsoft 365, or any other productivity app, your partners may access their information from any Internet-connected device, perfect for working from home.  

3. Get a vast cloud storage

All your files in the cloud, up to 100GB of storage, OneDrive for Business allows better collaboration. It also provides security and fast data migration for your growing business.

Cloud Technology does not only provide a stronger structure, but it also gives an opportunity to have a better agency for all kinds of processes and communications. Want to upgrade your using Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams or OneDrive for Business? Talk to an expert today.