Microsoft Licensing: Innovations and New Pricing

An Organization’s goals and objectives are in constant evolution, due to the ever-changing business environment in which we work nowadays. Company leaders are bound to ensure that their end user productivity and business security levels stay on track, by looking to accelerate their growth in the cloud. 

Decision makers opt for the Microsoft 365 E3 plan to reach the goals stated above, due to its productivity apps and compliance capabilities. Microsoft 365 users take advantage of the constant innovations in this product. 

This platform boosts collaboration and connection between teams, keeps business data safe, and optimizes management. All this while, also, protecting customer satisfaction. Microsoft Endpoint Manager is one of the most valuable and powerful tools from Microsoft 365.  

Having such a dynamic business environment, we must simplify technology consumption to adapt to changes, such as the sudden switch to remote work in 2020. Microsoft understands the needs of their users and is constantly innovating their products.

Earlier this year, they shared a list of highlights of their announcements for 2021: 

  • Extended Conditional Access in Microsoft Tunnel VPN capabilities to allow workers to use Android and iOS devices for access to on-premises data. 
  • Added support for virtual desktops, kiosks, and shared devices in Endpoint Manager. 
  • Endpoint Analytics to get insights on performance and health issues with hardware and software. 
  • Unified endpoint security management to connect Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. 
  • Specialized security roles for security managers to have an overview of daily tasks within the Configuration Manager Console. 

If you want to know more detailed information about the announcements made by Microsoft, read this. 

As mentioned before, Microsoft makes constant innovations in their products based on their users’ needs. As a result of the announcements listed above, and with more changes planned in the next months, starting August 1st, 2021, the prices of these products changed. 

Microsoft Licensing New Prices by Team Venti

Note: The specific channels that were affected are: Volume Licensing, Cloud Solution Provider, and Web Direct. 

For more information or specific questions about these changes, please contact us.