New options to bring your Microsoft Licenses to the cloud

Starting October 1, 2022, new updates come to the hosting and outsourcing terms. These upgrades are set to benefit customers and how their licenses are set as well as run workloads with cloud solution providers (CSP). In summary, these changes will allow customers to move their Microsoft licenses to a partners’ cloud, having as result more flexibility and deployment options. 

Microsoft announcements for Licenses in the cloud

Microsoft licenses with a partner 

With this announcement, getting Microsoft licenses through a partner will allow organizations to build, install, and run solutions through their chosen partner’s cloud infrastructure. With Flexible Virtualization, companies will gain flexibility to run their software on multitenant clouds. 

Virtual Core Licensing option 

In addition, customers will have a new option with Software Assurance. Organizations will be able to purchase licenses for only the virtual cores they need. This process will result in easier with Windows Server by the number of virtual cores they are using in virtual machines. 

An easier view of Windows 10 and Windows 11

Saying goodbye to the Virtual Desktop Application add-on license requirement for Microsoft 365 F3, Microsoft 365 E3, and Microsoft 365 E5. 

Microsoft Flexible Virtualization

Alongside a CSP, organizations will be able to pre-built, hosted desktop and server solutions as well as obtaining licenses directly from partners. 

Microsoft subscriptions news 

Organizations may now enjoy one- and three-year subscriptions for many Microsoft products, such as Windows Server, Remote Desktop Services, and SQL Server, through partners in the CSP program. 

Next steps 

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You may read the full announcement here.

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