6 Essential Security Considerations for Choosing a Cloud Storage Provider

Cloud storage has emerged as the game-changing technological innovation of the 21st century, offering numerous benefits such as business efficiency, cost savings, and competitive advantages. However, security concerns remain a significant barrier to cloud adoption. In this article, we will explore the six crucial security aspects you should consider when choosing a cloud storage provider.

According to a study by the International Data Group performed in 2020, 55% of organizations currently use multiple public clouds, with 21% saying they use 3 or more. The results of this year’s study also show that 81% of organizations have at least one portion of their computer infrastructure in the cloud, which is up from 73% vs. 2018, although the elevation may have arisen because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new global remote-work infrastructure, cloud adoption was nonetheless already underway.

By prioritizing these next factors, you can safeguard your data and ensure its integrity. Contact us for expert assistance tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

1. Solid reputation and background check

Ensure the provider you choose has a solid reputation by conducting a thorough background check. Trustworthy providers with a proven track record are more likely to prioritize security and protect your data effectively.

2. HTTPS site for enhanced security

When evaluating potential providers, make sure their website uses HTTPS, which guarantees secure transmission of personal information. Protecting your data during requests and form submissions is essential for maintaining robust security.

3. Comprehensive security protocols

Look for an enterprise cloud storage provider that offers robust security protocols, including encryption. High-level encryption ensures that only authorized individuals with proper login credentials can access your company’s sensitive data.

4. Strong privacy statement

Prioritize a cloud storage service that provides a strong privacy statement, assuring you that your files will not be browsed or accessed without your permission. Protecting your privacy and maintaining control over your data is crucial for a trustworthy cloud storage provider.

5. Compliance standards and certifications

Check if the provider adheres to industry compliance standards and holds relevant certifications, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FERPA, FISMA, SSAE 16, and PMI. These standards demonstrate the provider’s capabilities and offer tangible proof of their commitment to reliable security.

6. Transparent service agreements

Ensure that the cloud storage provider’s service agreements are transparent, providing clear details about the services, delivery timelines, and associated costs. Understanding the terms of the agreement is essential to make informed decisions and avoid any unexpected surprises.

Tailoring solutions to your unique needs

Emphasize the importance of aligning the chosen provider with your organization’s specific requirements. Highlight the provider’s focus on security as a top priority.

Reiterate the importance of prioritizing security when selecting a cloud storage provider. Encourage readers to consider the six security aspects outlined in the article. Finally, invite them to contact your organization for assistance in finding secure-first alternatives that meet their specific needs.

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