Empower your employees with the correct cybersecurity training program

For many years now, cybersecurity has been one of the top priorities for organizations. In fact, since 2004 even a specific month was declared as the Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This, with the objective of helping individuals understand better how to protect themselves and organizations against cyber-attacks. As we have mentioned in other articles, end-users without the proper cybersecurity training can lead into disastrous situations, putting in danger your organization’s sensitive data. Cybercriminals today take advantage of those vulnerabilities, by targeting employees and weak spots, such as unmanaged mobile devices. 

How can I start training my employees in cybersecurity?

When a company does not have a cybersecurity plan in place, it can be easy for employees to become disengaged or uninterested in the issue. Employees who do not feel valued may leave their position and take their experience with them.

Here we present some methods you can apply to strengthen cybersecurity culture in your organization:

Phish your employees

A widespread practice that has come in the last few months is to create random tests to detect employees that cannot distinguish a genuine email from a malicious attachment. With this, you can strengthen your employee’s notion with cybersecurity training. 

360 cybersecurity

Cybersecurity does not only concern the workplace. By showing your employees that the skills they learn during training can also help them in their personal lives. Giving them access to cybersecurity best practices through meetings or internal distribution can improve how they relate to the matter in all aspects.

Debunk cybersecurity myths

We have talked previously about how common misconceptions regarding cybersecurity can endanger your organization’s integrity. Besides creating a responsible cybersecurity culture in your organization, you may use different Microsoft Cloud security services to thoroughly fortify your organization’s IT health.

Enable Multi-factor Authentication

Requiring your employees to use multi-factor authentication must be one of your major concerns. With Azure AD, you can require employees to log in through different sources, as passwords, devices (via call or SMS), and even biometrics. 

Have a strong infrastructure and unified management

Alongside empowering your employees with the right information and cybersecurity training, having the right infrastructure and platform will allow your IT team to secure all areas of your organization. With Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft Intune, and Configuration Manager you can expect endpoint device management and strong, reliable security, with maximum return on investment.

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