5 Big Tech Trends that will impact 2023

For some time now, organizations around the world have experienced the unimaginable: a pandemic that changed the way we understand and do work, a war in central and eastern Europe, and an economic recession that left us wondering, can it get any worse? Fortunately, there have been different tech trends that have made our personal and work lives easier in many ways. In this article, we will explore a prediction by Bernard Marr, the best seller author of Business Trends in Practice, of 5 big tech trends that will impact 2023.

What does Tech 2023 look like?

Accelerated digital transformation in 2023

Intertwined enhancement thanks to Artificial Intelligence. You can expect this 2023 to bring augmentation to businesses’ processes, as well as optimization on how 5G, blockchain, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) relate to one another. A new era of hybrid and remote work solutions is ahead, bringing the possibility of creating “intelligent enterprises”. With this, AI will be able to help systems and processes support each other, making everyday tasks completed in a faster, and easier way. With Azure AI, you can drive business results and improve customer experiences with Microsoft’s AI solutions. 

Inflation and supply chain security in 2023

After passing through another recession in 2022, the economic panorama doesn’t look as bright as one would like. Inevitably, there are repercussions expected in this upcoming year. However, there is still some hope left, organizations may map and secure their supply chains. Azure for manufacturing provides agility, cost saving, and resiliency in the organization’s supply chain thanks to Microsoft’s powerful cloud. 

Tech and sustainability in 2023

If there’s another thing to add to the equation of 2023’s panorama, it is the possibility of a climate disaster ahead of us. Many investors are looking to find sustainable solutions that will provide efficiency, while avoiding harsh environmental impact. Microsoft Sustainability allows organizations to assess your environmental footprint, help you adopt data-driven solutions to reduce the environmental impact of your operations, and overall, transform your business with innovative digital technologies. 

Immersive customer experience

The customer experience is the new black. In 2023, the bar is expected to be higher when referring to how customers interact with the different channels organizations offer them. 

Talent challenge in 2023

After 2022’s great resignation and quiet quitting, employers today are looking to provide a more humane approach, and in general, giving collaborators tools that will ease up their burdens. Microsoft’s wide catalog of productivity and collaboration tools can help people fulfill their work in more flexible ways. 

This beginning of the year is filled with challenges. After coming out from a global pandemic recession, and new working modalities, it is imperative that we brace ourselves for more changes and IT adaptations this 2023. You don’t have to do it on your own, let Team Venti guide you through this new year ahead. Contact us today.