6 benefits of migrating to Exchange Online

Business communications reflect your brand. If your organization is using a free email service, such as Gmail, you’re likely to experience complications that come when using a personal email service in a business context. 

While we could keep on talking about the downsides of using a free email service in your organization, instead we want to talk about the benefits of using a customized online email service: Microsoft Exchange Online. 


Microsoft Exchange is simple and easy to use. Users can intuitively control their emails, and rapidly search by keyword, date or author, with the smart look-up. 



Microsoft refers an uptime of 99%, so you can rely on your service any time. 


Scale at speed 

If your company has a high turnover rate, or if your business is rapidly growing, setting up new mailboxes will not be a problem. Exchange Online flexibility and simplicity will allow your company to keep growing at its current pace. 


No server needed 

As email servers are massive infrastructure projects, not needing to buy or maintain your own server will save your company time and money. 



This tool has robust data security. Exchange Online ensures that your emails are safe in Microsoft’s protected cloud, even more than in your own server. This platform is compliant with all major compliance standards. 

Also, Exchange has a powerful spam filter, and screening for junk mail. This ensures that only legitimate, authentic emails will get to your inbox, and that Exchange is constantly searching for malware and viruses. 

Two factor authentication also comes included with Microsoft Exchange Online. 


Cost efficiency 

Being a subscription service, Exchange online allows you to have low up-front costs. With a subscription you can easily predict the monthly cost of your email service. 

Also, as we mentioned above, not needing a server ends the maintenance and replacement costs, utility bills, and with the Exchange Online security, costs on data loss and disaster recovery are drastically reduced. 

Using an email service for your organization is not a subject of discussion. However, you are allowed to look for the best option for your company.

Working with an Exchange Services Provider will make the migration process easier and smoother. With 0 worries about data loss or business interruption, and 24/7 critical support.

If you want to operate world-class Exchange environments, or simply want to learn more about what Exchange Online can do for your company, book a meeting today.