AI Services in Microsoft Azure

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a part in many areas around the world, from transforming industries at an organizational level to many other day-to-day activities. Microsoft Azure integrates AI in its Cognitive Services. 

What are Azure Cognitive Services? 

Azure Cognitive Services are cloud-based services, developed and trained to build Machine Learning tools that can see, hear, speak, read, and understand data for decision making and process improvement.  

The catalog of cognitive services that provide empirical understanding is classified into four categories:

  • Vision  
  • Speech  
  • Language  
  • Decision 

Azure Applied AI Services are built over Cognitive Services. It is a combination of specific technologies to solve specific problems such as: 

  • File processing 
  • Customer service scalability 
  • File search 
  • Content analysis 
  • Creating experiences 

This is not a particular product, but the sum of all Azure Machine Learning Services to create intelligent solutions. 

These solutions have the purpose of boosting operational cycles’ productivity at a low cost. 

Some AI Services in Microsoft Azure 

Azure Metrics Advisor 

Azure Metrics Advisor helps supervise the performance and state of an organization’s tools, such as sales, operations, and inventory. It makes recommendations in real time, with the possibility of choosing any type or quantity. 

Anomaly Detector, which is a cognitive service and part of this solution, chooses the best model for its analysis, diagnosis, and alert generation. 

Azure Cognitive Search 

This tool is the only search service in the cloud with AI characteristics integrated. This enriches all types of information, to facilitate identifying and exploring relevant content.  

Azure Bot Service 

This is a managed bot development service, which helps to seamlessly connect users via popular channels. Messages delivered through Premium channels will allow your bot to communicate with users within your own app or website. 

Azure Immersive Reader 

Immersive Reader is a tool that helps improve reading comprehension for emerging readers, language learners, and people with learning differences, through proven techniques.  

Azure Applied AI Services are ready-to-use tools at a low cost and without the need to be an expert on Artificial Intelligence. 

Allow your organization’s digital transformation and have a clear competitive advantage on the market. Contact one of our experts to learn more about how your organization can benefit from using Azure AI Services or book a meeting today to start your Azure journey with us.