Allow focused work with MS 365 updates for Windows 11

On October 5, 2021, Microsoft released updates for Windows 11. The updates were thought to empower employees to contribute and boost their productivity, whether they decide to spend the most or the least time at the office. 

Taking into consideration that this is a time for new operating systems, Microsoft announced new capabilities for Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Whether your team uses Windows 11, Apple iOS, or macOS, this will ensure you have vast experience. 

Understand device readiness for Windows 11 with Endpoint analytics 

With Endpoint analytics service in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you have access to a new Windows metric. This will help you measure how many devices are running older versions of this OS and then provide the following steps to perform the upgrade. 

Manage iOS 15 and macOS 12 with Endpoint Manager on launch day 

Microsoft Endpoint manager will support most of your endpoint management needs, for new versions of Apple’s operating system. From day zero, you will not have to worry about keeping your endpoints secure and protecting organizational data. 

In this same article, Microsoft shared new features and additions for more inclusive meetings in Microsoft Teams, as well as the possibility to co-author encrypted documents. Read this for more details on these announcements. 

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