Announcing: Client Access Rules (CAR) in Exchange Online set for retirement

Exchange Online is Microsoft’s hosting messaging solution that allows users to gain access to mail delivery, calendar, contents, and tasks from different devices, such as PCs, web, and mobile devices. Organizations benefiting from Exchange Online can also integrate it fully to Azure AD, enabling administrators to set up specific features according to organizational needs. Client Access Rules (CAR) on Exchange Online were rules that admins could configure in order to control and delimit which client connections were allowed in their organizations. For example, according to conditionals or protocols, administrators could block or connect with delimited IP addresses or Azure AD attributes. 

From CARs to Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE) in Exchange Online

Even though CARs helped thousands of organizations tailor their Exchange Online as they pleased, a new method has come to improve administrators’ experience: Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE). 

Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE) allows Azure AD apps to subscribe to critical events as well as evaluate and enforce them in real time. 

When will Client Access Rules in Exchange Online be retired?

Programmed to be fully deprecated by 2023, tenants will be notified via Message Center post to start planning ahead their rules’ migration. 

How will this affect my organization?

If your organization is not currently using CARs, CDMLETS will be disabled for your tenant after October 2022. However, if your organization does use CARs, you will be able to use them by September 2023. After that time, you will not be able to access or use them. We encourage you to contact an Exchange expert to help you migrate to the new setting Microsoft is offering. Team Venti’s expertise on Exchange services includes packaged migration services, Microsoft Exchange email security hardening, email compliance, and existing servers’ upgrades. Dare to make the most of your Exchange environment with Team Venti, book a meeting today.