Azure Cognitive Services for Small and Medium Businesses 

A few decades ago, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was the topic of sci fi movies. However, nowadays this technology is part of numerous processes, not only at an organizational level, but in many other consumer level products and services.  

In the past couple of years, the work environment has gone through several drastic changes. AI now plays a massive role in transforming industries all around the world. According to the 65 Artificial Intelligence Statistics for 2021 and Beyond by SEMRush: 

  • 54% of executives say that implementing AI in their workplace has increased productivity

  • In 2021, the increase in AI usage across businesses will create $2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity

  • The AI use cases that mostly led to cost decreases within organizations are optimization of talent management, contact center automation, and warehouse automation 

What are Azure Cognitive services? 

Azure Cognitive Services are cloud-based services, developed and trained to build Machine Learning tools that can see, hear, speak, read, and understand data for decision making and process improvement. 

You can add cognitive features to your applications without having AI or data science skills. 

The catalog of cognitive services that provide cognitive understanding is categorized into four main pillars: 

  • Vision 
  • Speech 
  • Language 
  • Decision

Azure Cognitive Services, Decision 

Azure Cognitive services: Decision 

Anomaly Detector 

This tool is made to detect any level of anomaly in terms of security and production through IoT services, traveling, etc. 

Content Moderator 

This service focuses on streamlining content analysis. It helps us identify content that breaks global policies or is not relevant for the organization. 

Content Moderator helps not only with public content on the web or social media, but also to detect internal improper conversations, inadequate mail, or to detect someone sharing confidential information. 


Personalizer allows you to choose the best experience to show to your users, learning from their real-time behavior. 

Decision Cognitive Azure Services are those who can make decisions, self-reliant, to streamline the detection process of areas of opportunity. Those organizations who make use of these services will have a competitive advantage. 

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