Azure Cloud for Game Development

Microsoft doesn’t stop surprising us. Now aiming to a very dynamic and avant garde sector, Microsoft recently announced the launch of a new software, Azure Game Dev VM. Thinking especially of game developers working in the cloud, this new product looks into the remote work paradigm, and brings a full set of tools that will ensure the game creation process. 

Why Game Dev on the Cloud?

As we have experienced in the past 24 months, remote work or hybrid working has become the standard for many organizations, especially for those focused on SaaS (Software as a Service). These scenarios have allowed organizations to realize the major benefits of moving their team partially or fully to cloud environments.

Many of the benefits of Azure Game Dev VM for cloud creators rely on: 

  • Remote studio enablement, by using Parsec or Teradici with cloud VMs. This will allow Cloud machines to work as a desktop with high storage. In addition, you’ll only pay for compute when you need it
  • Asset management by deploying Perforce and accelerating processes 
  • Faster builds using Incredibuild technology through distributed cores
  • A trustworthy collaboration with the use of Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming
  • Fast, reliable, and efficient testing through cloud technology

Furthermore, Microsoft’s take on gaming is a Customizable Azure option that will include tools such as Unreal Engine, Perforce, Incredibuild, Visual Studio, DirectX/GDK/PlayFab. This will allow creators to spin up workstations and build servers in minutes, according to the Microsoft Game Dev Blog. With this partnership, Microsoft is looking to create the best experience for game development in the cloud.

If you’re an organization focused on game development, this infrastructure in the cloud might be the one for you. Do not hesitate to reach out to learn the next steps to take on your journey. We may also be glad to introduce you to the ID@Azure program, a free initiative that provides game developers with Microsoft tools and technology for building games that can run on any platform, hand in hand with Azure experts.