Azure Hybrid Cloud for Governments

When we think about cloud technology, our minds usually turn rapidly to think about big enterprises using their full benefits to generate solutions that apply only to digital matters. However, governments might as well enjoy the many advantages that the Azure Hybrid Cloud has to offer. 

Several government agencies around the world are choosing to operate with cloud and hybrid cloud technology. This allows their offices to collaborate and explore digital and modern approaches to their inner infrastructure for different citizen services. Not only that, but governments also switching to cloud technology are expected to achieve efficient services and cost savings. 

What to expect from Azure Hybrid Cloud for Governments?

The absolute best of both worlds, ​​the hybrid cloud provides a vast and round structure that allows the coordination of two infrastructures: the private and the public cloud. This standardization enables data and application portability. Allowing different operations to take place within the public or with only a few members of a specific project. Azure AD Identity Governance protects, supervises, and gives access to specific resources to assigned members. With this, achieving high productivity rates and collaboration between employees, business associates, and providers in the local and cloud panorama.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud for Governments:

  1. According to the Asian Development Bank, Hybrid Cloud Technology reduces the cost of purchasing, setting up, running, and maintaining technological services, improving efficiency and by this, putting the citizen first.
  2. Modern, fast response to citizen requirements, with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning innovations through Azure 
  3. Disaster Recovery Services, moving to the cloud also allows protection against any type of cyberattack, putting your privacy first. 
  4. Data center modernization, flexible in terms of adoption of new online services to allow rapid increase of demands when needed, within the cost limits, stated by the European Commission Cloud Strategy

Many cities and governments are implementing this new, effective, and secure method of achieving their own operations under the big Microsoft SaaS. Let one of our experts guide you and support you through your Hybrid Cloud journey.

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