Azure Sentinel by the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

Azure Sentinel SIEM System

We are no strangers to cyber-attacks, in this cloud era, security has become a top priority due to the panorama we face. During the past few years, with the digital shift, many organizations suffered from ransomware that endangered their organization’s information and integrity. Microsoft believes in relying confidently on Azure Sentinel SIEM System for strong and intelligent security analytics to spot any potential threats before they can cause any harm. 

Using Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) cloud-native technology and fully integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), your organization’s security team will be able to ensure your security expectations while maintaining your operations cost-effective. For instance, Azure Sentinel is 48% less expensive than any other SIEM solution, according to The Total Economic Impact inform by the Forrester Wave.

Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Azure Sentinel by the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

How does Azure Sentinel work?

  • Being a Cloud-native system, it collects data through users, devices, apps, and infrastructure
  • By analyzing said data and using AI, it detects threats and minimizes false positives
  • By acting with automated responses according to the threat

Azure Sentinel is perfect for organizations seeking to discover the benefits of cloud migration, while on a budget, and protecting your data from cyber-attacks. As we know, all of Azure’s infrastructure allows adaptable customization according to your own insights by connecting users, applications, servers, and devices using AI and ML models and threat intelligence. Azure Sentinel ensures a happy transition to the cloud. Get started hand in hand with one of Team Venti’s experts today.