Benefits of Microsoft SQL Server: Company Use

In a data-driven business environment, the importance of SQL and relational databases has increased over the past years. Organizations find it essential to efficiently manage, handle, and query their data. 

SQL Server is software that stores, changes, and manages data from relational databases. One of the main functions of an SQL Server is to provide data to client applications. 

Among Oracle, DB2, and MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most popular relational database management systems on the market. It has multiple editions, from enterprise to standard, web, and developer. Also, it works great alongside other Microsoft products, such as: 

  • Visual Studio 
  • Power BI Desktop 
  • SQL Server Management Studio 
  • Azure Data Studio 

Benefits of using Microsoft SQL Server for your company

Variety of editions 

As mentioned above, Microsoft SQL Server has a variety of editions you can choose from according to your needs. 

  • Enterprise 
  • Standard 
  • Developer 
  • Web 
  • Express 

On-premises and cloud database support 

Depending on your business goals, you can choose between Azure SQL Database to manage your databases on the cloud or SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. 

Plenty of tools and applications 

With Microsoft SQL Server you’ll have a variety of useful tools to help speed up your database design, development, troubleshooting, and maintenance. 

Some of the apps and tools you’ll have at hand: 

  • Azure Data Studio 
  • Data Tools 
  • SQL Server Profiler 
  • Management Studio 

If you have a data warehouse running on the Microsoft SQL platform, you can easily integrate it with tools such as Power BI and Analysis Services. Everything is available on the MS SQL Server platform without the need to buy other third-party software. 

Support for use on Linux 

Microsoft SQL Server started running on Linux since their 2017 version. This makes it easier for organizations that already have servers running on Linux, taking away the need to buy new Windows Server licenses. 

Some may consider the complexity of the SQL Server licensing and inflated costs to be drawbacks. However, having a partner by your side can be the solution to these problems. 

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