Cloud Service Provider? How to choose the right one

Your organization is on the right path if you already set your mind to moving to cloud computing. Regardless of your business activity, choosing the right Cloud Service Provider (CSP) is an essential task that you should carry out meticulously. Not only will you be setting a business relationship, but also securing a key point for the benefit of your organization’s data in the future. According to iTWire, in June 2022, Microsoft Azure dethroned AWS as a preferred cloud service provider, worldwide.  Let us walk you through the main characteristics your Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) should have.

Key Points to consider for choosing a CSP

When looking for the right CSP, you should analyze its business and health processes, such as:

  • Financial health, making sure they’re a steady, reliable company that will be able to complete your operations eventually. 
  • Your CSP should have a strong infrastructure, organization, governance, and risk management plans.
  • Just like any other type of relationship, one of the main principles your CSP should have been trusted. We recommend you read reviews, study cases of their former projects, or any other type of feedback you can find. 
  • Tech Gurus, your CSP should have proficient tech knowledge. Microsoft recognizes partners that accomplish specific knowledge requirements, awarding them Silver and Gold Partnerships.
  • Your selected CSP should be able to provide you with a basic level of service and assistance for your organization. 
  • Monitoring of the services provided, and constant optimization of such.
  • A safe, clear billing account.
  • Easy deployment, management and optimization of your software and apps. 
  • Experts in hybrid modalities, for looking into the future of cloud computing.
  • Security infrastructure for all levels of cloud services and security policies that will protect your organization’s data.
  • Data backup and retention, in case of any event. 

Finding the right Cloud Service Provider doesn’t have to be an impossible quest. Team Venti is a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner, and winner of Microsoft’s Partner of the year. Contact us today, and let us begin a wonderful relationship.