Game-changing technologies for businesses in 2022

Digital transformation has come to our present in high-speed. The last 2 years allowed technologies to develop exponentially and bring progress for many businesses throughout the world. Nowadays, we can only focus on the future, and which modern technologies will be the ones that continue helping us move forward. According to Forbes, during this last semester of 2022 and the recession we are all facing, a cost-effective, smart strategy could be moving to the cloud. In this article, we will explore new technologies for businesses in 2022.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With the events of 2020, many organizations adapted cloud solutions in order to secure collaboration, regardless of whether they were on lockdown or in hybrid modalities. The change to the cloud also meant most companies migrated their workloads to the cloud, allowing their employees to collaborate seamlessly. Software such as Microsoft 365, and its broad offering of apps continues to benefit through constant innovation. 

Cloud Security

As most organizations moved their data to the cloud, security became one of the top priorities for them. Having a CSP could benefit you by assisting you with advanced endpoint security, email security, data loss protection, and password policy management. With cyber-attacks on the rise, counting with the right protection from is essential. 


Having reliable, cloud computing can help organizations boost their productivity, by improving their storage, networking, and other resources in pay-as-you-go modalities. By reducing on-premises workload and data, companies can escalate their IT resources using tools like Azure

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