Improve your shared calendars in Outlook for Windows 

Efficient collaboration is crucial for a team’s performance. The changes our work life has experienced over the past two years have made this more evident. To achieve this, we rely on tools and platforms. 

However, on our way to an efficient collaboration, with every step we take, new challenges and needs are brought up. Outlook for Windows is a great tool that sums up an efficient collaboration, and since its launch, Microsoft has been working on making it better. 

Nevertheless, relying on Outlook for Windows has not been as easy as it should be. Long waiting times to sync calendar changes, meetings disappearing and calendars uncoordinated are some of the issues the Outlook users have been facing. 

These issues were brought to light thanks to the Microsoft Tech Community and Outlook users. Since 2019 the Microsoft Exchange team has been working on it, and in July of that same year, they launched the preview of these improvements. 

But in May 2021 the Microsoft Exchange team announced that these changes will be launched gradually to the public. 

Despite the excitement the Exchange team is to announce said improvements, they’re hoping the users won’t notice any changes.  

‘’This is one of those improvements that should be invisible because it eliminates issues, but doesn’t change the core product functionality’’ -The Exchange Team, 2021 

Calendars will synchronize faster and reliability issues when managing a calendar were eliminated. The objective of these changes is that the user only notices things are smoother than before. 

Here’s a video reference of the subtle changes you’ll be experiencing while using Outlook for Windows. 



As of for now, around 10% of Outlook for Windows users have these improvements enabled, and as we mentioned before, this change will keep expanding gradually. Throughout spring and summer 2021, the rest of the users will have access to this new experience. 

Users form Outlook on the web, the mobile version and Outlook for Mac are already experiencing these improvements, soon the Outlook for Windows app users will join them. 

If you want to know more details about these changes, read this.