Introducing Microsoft Entra ID: An Azure AD Evolution

Azure AD now Entre ID

Microsoft announced the rebranding of Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to Microsoft Entra ID, as part of ongoing efforts to simplify and enhance secure access experiences for everyone. As we know, Azure AD Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management service that allows employees to access both external resources like Microsoft 365 and thousands of SaaS applications, as well as internal resources such as corporate intranet apps and custom cloud apps developed for the organization. 

With this rebranding, the goal is to make it easier for you to navigate and utilize the unified and expanded Microsoft Entra portfolio. We want to assure you that your vital work in protecting your organization, customers, partners, and investments made in deploying Azure AD will continue without interruption. All configurations and integrations will remain functional, requiring no action from your end.

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The new Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft Entra ID will gradually appear in Microsoft product experiences starting in August 2023. You can continue to rely on familiar Azure AD capabilities accessed through the Azure portal, Microsoft 365 admin center, and the newly upgraded Microsoft Entra admin center. Rest assured, there are no changes to any Azure AD capabilities, APIs, login URLs, PowerShell cmdlets, or developer experiences.

Maintaining a seamless transition, all licensing plans and pricing for Azure AD and Microsoft 365 plans that include Azure AD will remain unchanged, with only the display names for the licensing plans being updated. By October 1, 2023, the service plan display names will transition to the new Microsoft Entra ID names.

Why the name changes from Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID? 

Over the past year, Microsoft introduced the Entra product family, which includes Azure AD along with new solutions like Microsoft Entra Permissions Management and Microsoft Entra Verified ID. We expanded further, introducing Microsoft Entra ID Governance, Microsoft Entra Workload ID, Microsoft Entra Internet Access, and Microsoft Entra Private Access. Unifying all identity and access capabilities under the Microsoft Entra name simplifies navigation and ensures robust protections for all access points.

At Team Venti, we are here to support your organization’s Azure and Azure AD needs. Our expert team is ready to assist you in achieving a smoother, safer, and more secure access experience. Contact us today. 

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