Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform: A powerhouse for databases, analytics, and governance


We are aware about the many goods Microsoft offers by unifying databases and analytics. Tools like Azure Synapse Analytics were pioneers, but now a new powerhouse comes to the panorama, a complete element on its data-integration catalog: Governance with Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. 

This unified suite of databases –from now on known as Purview Compliance/Governance Product Family– includes features seen already in products from the Azure Data space, such as Azure Data FactoryAzure Data ExplorerSQL Server 2022Azure SQL, and Cosmos DB. This suite is brought together to empower organizations; by making better decisions with proper insights of collected and analyzed data.  

What’s new inside Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform?

During the day 1 of the virtual developers conference Build 2022CEO Satya Nadella stated that virtual data “[is] the most important app consideration”. He also claimed that analytics will be a pillar of the experience for many organizations developing apps. Besides the formerly mentioned products, this new suite will be integrating the following products.

  • SQL Server 2022 provides real time insights regarding data stored in Azure SQL or Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Purview Data Estate Insights will allow your organization’s data attendants and stakeholders to be aware of where your data is being distributed and safety opportunity areas
  • Datamart in Power BI will provide insights from users’ own data sets, helping them gain autonomy by no further requiring assistance from other departments 

These new methods of approaching data will help you to adapt in a fast way, add layers of intelligence to your apps, and govern your data.

Succeed in your Microsoft Cloud Projects

With Team Venti's expertise and Microsoft's best practices on Azure
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Succeed in your Microsoft Cloud Projects

With Team Venti's expertise and Microsoft's best practices on Azure

Updates from 2023

According to the 2023 Annual Report by Microsoft, they introduced a new product called Microsoft Fabric this year, which unifies compute, storage, and governance with a disruptive business model.

Also, Microsoft announced more AI-focused development and management tools at the 2023 Power Platform Conference at the Microsoft Ignite.

Finally, the 2022 release wave 2 plan covers all new functionalities planned to be delivered to market from October 2022 to March 2023. In this article, you’ll find the product overview and what’s new and planned for data integration.

Aranza Peralta

Aranza Peralta

Team Venti Brand Manager

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