Mobile Device Security: 5 risks you need to pay attention to 

In this hybrid work era, many organizations adopted methods that would allow and enhance remote collaboration. Such methods also understood as Bring your own device (BYOD) allowed employees to adapt their devices for organizational affairs. This effective method for working at any time or place meant another factor to pay attention to security risks. However, a way of ensuring your organization’s integrity is by managing correctly enrolled devices with the proper mobile device security. 

Risks of Enrolled Mobile Devices without Mobile Device Security

As said above, enrolling mobile devices without a strong and reliable system can expose and compromise your organization’s data, leaving it exposed to many kinds of cyberattacks. Here we present 5 risks organizations present with mobile devices. 

  1. Connected to the internet, devices and your organization’s data may be exposed to unsafe networks. Since your employees can connect to any network, even those which are not safe, your organizational data, such as credentials, can be at risk of disclosure. 
  2. Unsafe apps with little protection. The same way networks can expose sensitive organizational data, there may be apps that do not protect user’s information, in this case, your employees. These kinds of apps can be an easy target for hackers. 
  3. Unattended application updates. App updates are often overlooked, leaving loopholes that may represent a risk in security. 
  4. Device hacking, loss, or theft. Most devices are small and easy to carry, meaning that they can be stolen with the same ease. In 2017, a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange was targeted by a hacker, who stole personal data on 30,000 customers. 
  5. Unclear security protocols and no Mobile Device Management. The lack of a MDM or Mobile Application Management (MAM) plan can have catastrophic results, leaving your IT department losing control of the devices. 

Reliable device security with Microsoft’s Mobile Device Management

Device management allows organizations to protect their data, regardless of where their employees are connected. For organizations applying BYOD modalities, it is essential to count on clear and secure device management policies. Using a device management provider can help you select the right solution for your organization. Whether you need Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based MDM and MAM service or Azure AD, a cloud-based identity and access management service, Team Venti can help you plan, deploy, and secure your organization. Get a free consultation today.

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