Myths that are making your company a target for cyberattacks


Cybersecurity is a complex issue with many parts involved, and sadly, many organizations struggle to get it right. This is because some companies handle their cybersecurity based on an array of myths stemming from a combination of mistrust, misunderstanding, and lack of information. These myths are at the root of common errors made by organizations of all sizes when safeguarding their data and network infrastructure, leaving their IT vulnerable. If your organization believes these myths, you may become an easy target for cyberattacks. In a recent blogpost, we shared some of the best practices regarding security that companies should take to ensure their wellbeing. According to Forbes, only 50% on U.S. businesses have a cybersecurity plan in place. In this article, we will discover several actions and myths if a company follows, that lead them to be an easy target for cyberattacks. 

Myths that are making organizations vulnerable for cyber attacks


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Myth #1: My organization is too small to be targeted by hackers

While it’s true that hackers often target larger companies with more sophisticated security systems, smaller organizations are equally vulnerable to cyber-attacks if they don’t respond appropriately to protect themselves. Small and mid-sized companies may have less resources than larger ones, but they still need to take steps to safeguard their data and networks from breaches.

Myth #2: It’s too expensive for me to secure my network

It’s true that securing your network isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive either. Many small and mid-sized businesses can find ways to reduce costs using third-party cybersecurity experts who offer customized solutions for diverse types of businesses at different price points. 

Myth #3: Cybersecurity is only about protecting against malware and viruses, so an antivirus is enough

Even though most enterprises think applying an antivirus is all they need, strong management of devices may be a best practice against cyber-attacks. With Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you can secure mobile devices and mobile applications, on-premises and in the cloud. 

Myth #4: Our company’s IT should be in total charge of our cybersecurity

Cyber security is a team sport. Although your IT team surely does their best job, all your employees must be aware and cautious of their actions. They are the ones who open emails, click on links, and use applications all day. And they are also the first to fall victims to phishing attacks and other cybersecurity threats. Therefore, it’s crucial that you train your employees on how to spot and report these kinds of attacks—and then make sure they practice what they’ve learned until it becomes second nature.

Myth #5: Personal devices used for work do not need to be secured. 

All smart devices can compromise a network system. With modalities such as BYOD (bring your own devices), devices are particularly vulnerable to hackers since they are not just online—they are always online. A hacker could take control of a device and use it to access your other devices or even your entire network, accessing sensitive data along the way. With Microsoft Intune, organizations control how devices are used, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, ensuring data stays protected.

At Team Venti, we believe that if you can dispel these myths, you can better understand how to protect yourself from cyber threats. Make sure your organization is constantly protected from cyberthreats with the best plan, Microsoft technologies, data protection, as well as monitoring capabilities with the help of Team Venti’s security experts. Learn more about our Microsoft Cloud Security consulting services here.

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